Planters In Stock For Immediate Purchase

Biggs 2 row planer frame and drive wheel with JD fertilizer openers and JD MaxEmerge XP planter units. Precision Planting finger pickup meters. JD row units have been completely rebuilt. Drive wheel, frame, fertilize openers and box are new. Warranty. $6,850

This planter is available for immediate purchase. New frame and drive wheel built by Biggs Planter. Used JD MaxEmerge XP row units with Martin row cleaners and Copperhead closing wheels. Pneumatic down force with control valve included. New disc openers, Precision meters, scrapers, boxes and lids. Comes with weight bar as well, you can buy 42lb suitcase weights at your local JD dealer, or we sell them as well. AS PICTURED. This is a great option for notill. Weights are required for notill. This planter will work for conventional tillage as well. $4,380 .