Planter Attachments

Here’s a list of planter parts and attachments that can be attached to our planters.

We do not sell parts, unless you buy a planter from us.

Bolt on weight bracket. Fits planters with and without fertilize. $140

40 gallon yellow water tank with mounting brackets and hardware. We use this to add weight to the none fertilize planters in a notill situation. Having adequate down force is very important in notill. $380

Heavy duty down pressure springs. Heavy springs or pneumatic down force are required for notill. These have been sandblasted and powder coated like new. $110 per row.

Yetter screw adjust with shark tooth wheels. These are used but in good shape. These are adjustable with a knob on top of the row cleaner, however when you are planting there is no floating action. If you hit a high place it will just shave it off or if you hit a rock or stump there will be no give. $150 per row and $25 extra for mounting per row.

Heavy duty coulter. This mounts in front of row unit and cuts a slot to make it easier for the row unit to go in the ground. These work well in conventional tillage, notill in low residue and if soil is not wet. If you have wet soil or high residue, we recommend row cleaners. $125 or $140 installed per row.

Good used pneumatic air bags. Fits JD XP and ME5 row units. $75 per row. These are ideal in a notill situation, by adding air to the bags it will increase the needed down force on the row units making them penatrate into the harder soil. Advantages of air bags is you can fine tune your down force easier than heavy duty springs. Please note you will need a 12 volt compressor and on board air tank in addition.
Pneumatic down force control valve required if you have air bags. You can add, take away, and monitor PSI with this valve. $50 uninstalled, $75 installed per planter.

Row markers work excellent for lining up your next pass so you get the rows 30″ apart vs guessing. $1,450, $1,600 with sequence valve.

Vacuum kit: Includes 120 volt variable speed vac motor, 2 precision v-set meters, vacuum gauge and mount, vac hoses and fittings. Everything here included to convert any of our 2 row planters to vacuum. Vacuum is more accurate especially with sweet corn, sunflowers, peas, cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelon, green beans, squash. You will need a small generator or a inverter to run the 120 volt vac motor. $1,000
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Soybean brush meter. These are required if you want to plant soybeans with a planter equipped with finger pickup. If you buy a vacuum planter, these are not required. Simply just change plate in vacuum meter. They are not included with the price of the planter. MaxEmerge XP $164 per row.
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Keeton seed firmer. Seed firmers push seed to bottom of seed trench. These are a must in notill. Be sure not to back up unless planter is fully raised or you will bend them. $40 per row.